2017 Lambert St. Louis Airport Passenger Data

The St. Louis Airport recently released the 2017 information on passenger data. I really appreciate that they are releasing this information, but would love if the data was in a better format for working with this. To help others use this data, I’ve created GitHub repository where you can download this data. I’ve also created a few graphs based on this live data.

The data is here: github.com/gavinr/stl-lambert-airport-data

And I created a few graphs here: gavinr.github.io/stl-lambert-airport-data

It’s not a lot of data. I would love if the Airport released other data, like:

  1. Carrier information on how many flights are in/out of the airport

  2. How many flights per date

  3. Information on revenue sources

  4. How many flights to each destination?

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