ArcGIS JavaScript API Camera Helper

In a custom web map app, when creating your initial view, you usually start with the x/y (latitude/longitude) and an initial zoom level. When creating 3D web map apps that’s a bit harder, because you have to worry about the camera tilt and heading too. To make this process easier, I recently created a little tool …

The ArcGIS JS API Camera Helper is a simple app that allows you to zoom to the exact location and camera tilt/angle that you’d like your 3D app to start with, then you can copy/paste the “camera” settings into your own JavaScript app, or generate a Codepen sample and start coding right from there.

This was inspired by David Spriggs’s js-extent-helper (which I believe was inspired by a Flex version of the similar idea before that).

Please try it out and let me know what you think!

PS - for 2D “Extents”, check out ArcGIS JavaScript API Extent Helper

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