Google Chrome

I’ve played with Google Chrome a little bit, it seems slightly faster than Firefox or Internet Explorer, but that could just be because it’s new and it seems fatster to the human mind.

My problem with Google Chrome, though, is that there are no add-ins (a.k.a extensions). I am a heavy user of Firefox add-ins. Without Adblock Plus, Googlepedia, Last Tab, Better Amazon, Download Statusbar, and Foxmarks, I would be totally lost!

They will come out with extensions eventually:

"We don't have that in the beta today, but we definitely plan an extension API," or application programming interface, Sundar Pichai, a Google vice president of product management, said at the Chrome launch event here Tuesday. "It is one of the things we will get to next."

.. but until they do, I can’t stand to use it daily.

In other Chrome news, it’s interesting to see what browsers Chrome is actually hurting.

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