Inline Footnotes WordPress Widget - Version 2 Released

Version 2.1.0 of one of the WordPress plugins that I manage, Inline Footnotes, has been released.

This new version:

  1. Fixes mobile issues by showing the footnote content in the center of the screen when on mobile.
  2. Allows background_color attribute in the footnote tag.
  3. Adds option to show footnote on hover
  4. Has minified JS/CSS files

To facilitate the first item above, I had to change how the show/hide behavior of the footnotes works a little bit. After this update, if you click a second footnote open while a footnote is already open, the first one will close (previously both would stay open).

Here are some of the new features in action (The third footnote is colored “red” with the new “background_color” attribute):

Please check out the plugin over here.

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