DigitalHealth Class

What is the ideal relationship between humans and technology? We are still figuring that out, but some things are clear. I propose creating a new course, offered in parallel with traditional Health class that will teach basic tenants of a healthy digital life.

Find Latitude/Longitude Coordinates in Two Clicks

Latitude Longitude Locate is a simple mapping app designed for geo developers to get the latitude and longitude of a location quickly.

Query to Get All Features in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

When you’re querying a Feature Service in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, there’s typically a maximum number of features (records) that will be returned from any query – usually set to 1000. If you want to get all the features in the service, you’ll need to make multiple queries to the service. Here’s how to do it.

My Favorite ArcGIS JavaScript API CodePens

Here are some of my favorite code samples I’ve collected on my CodePen account over the past few years.

Easter Dates

How often does Easter fall on a particular date, and how often does my birthday fall within Easter or Lent?

Load Protocol Buffers in the Browser

Protocol Buffers are not uncommon in the JavaScript world, but I had never had a chance to dig in and learn them. While working on a project recently I was inspired to learn a bit more about what they are. I especially wanted to know if you can load them directly in a browser.

Deploy a Sapper Web App Automatically to GitHub Pages using GitHub Actions

Sapper is a framework for building web applications, where every page is a Svelte component. You may want to setup your GitHub repository to use GitHub Actions to automatically build and deploy your site to GitHub Pages website hosting every time you check in your code. This is great because the build/deploy step happens automatically for you - no need to manually do it yourself! Here’s how to set that up.

Publish a Svelte Web App with GitLab Pages

If you’ve built a Svelte web application and would like to host it, you can do so easily using GitLab Pages. Here’s how to do that.

Catholic Dioceses of the USA Map - Updated

I’ve updated the data and map of the Catholic Dioceses of the USA - and it’s much better now!

Use the ArcGIS API for JavaScript with Svelte

My colleague Jacob and I have really been enjoying using the Svelte JavaScript Framework while building mapping web apps with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Here are a few links and resources that I’ve collected.