Best Soccer Cities in the USA

What are the best soccer cities in the USA? One way to judge this would be to look at how many leagues (MLS, NWSL, and USL) have teams in a particular city. Running through the map, here’s the current list.

Trello Script: Find All Board Owners

I am a member of a Trello organization that is over its limit of free boards, so we’re trying to clean up some old boards. The rules in Trello say that the board admin(s) are the people who can delete boards, but there’s not a great place in Trello to get a concise list of all the boards in an organization and the details, so I wrote this little script.

ArcGIS JavaScript API Camera Helper

In a custom web map app, when creating your initial view, you usually start with the x/y (latitude/longitude) and an initial zoom level. When creating 3D web map apps that’s a bit harder, because you have to worry about the camera tilt and heading too. To make this process easier, I recently created a little tool, the ArcGIS JS API Camera Helper.

Top 5 Interesting Basemaps of 2019

Some of the best and interesting basemaps that you can use in your web maps.

Three Tips to Reduce Personal Data Tracking

Avoid personal data tracking by using Firefox, DuckDuckGo, and blocking social media at the DNS level.

St. Louis Imagery - 1990 to Now

What kind of changes to the built environment happened in your city within the past 25 years? Looking at and comparing aerial imagery can be an informative and compelling way to investigate changes.

Getting the Microsoft US Building Footprints into ArcGIS Pro

Last week, Microsoft Released 125 million Building Footprints in the US as Open Data. This is a pretty exciting release of open geospatial data. Let’s convert the GeoJSON file to Esri JSON features before importing into ArcGIS Pro.

National Park System

If you look at all the National Parks across the US, there are about 60. The National Park Service manages many more “park units” other than just the officially-designated “National Parks.” These include things like National Lakeshores, National Monuments, National Parkways, National Preserves, etc.

Using the R-ArcGIS Bridge in Jupyter

I was sitting in a presentation a few weeks ago on the R-ArcGIS bridge and I had a question: “Can I use the R-ArcGIS bridge in my Jupyter Notebook?" When I asked one of the presenters if this would be possible, he said, “Yes”.┬áSo, after the presentation, I set out to get the R-ArcGIS bridge running in Jupyter. Installing the ArcGIS-R Bridge The first thing I did was install the R-ArcGIS bridge.

Inline Footnotes WordPress Widget - Version 2 Released

Version 2.1.0 of one of the WordPress plugins that I manage, Inline Footnotes, has been released. This new version Fixes mobile issues, allows the background_color attribute, adds option to show footnote on hover, and has minified JS/CSS files.