SEO - The Right Way

SEO is not hard. Create great content that others want to link to, and you’ll be home free. This does not happen overnight, and does not happen easy, but it is doable.

I recently read a blog entitled SEO for Non Dicks. I thought it was a great piece that echos my opinions on SEO. Some of his points inlude:

.. and more. All these guys offering “easy” ways to increase search engine rankings are just sleezy characters who may increase your rankings temporarily, but once the search engines find out about the schemes, your participation in them will be your ticket to Google’s black list.

Another way to employ ethical, quality methods to make sure your search engine ranking is as high as it should be is to follow Google’s SEO Starter Guide. That’s right - a guide published by Google telling you how to make sure Google will index your site properly. Make sure you read this and take the appropriate recommendations to heart.

Lastly, a there are two great tools created and offered for free by Google to help you analyze your SEO and site performance. These tools are Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. You should have your site connected to both of these tools so you can analyze your site’s search engine ranking optimally.

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