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GitHub CSV Import

Have you ever wanted to import issues from a different system into GitHub? I just released a new tool that will allow you to do that. All you need to do is get your issues into a simple CSV format including title, description, and the tags that you want, and the script will do the […]

GeoJSON Viewer

You have a URL to a GeoJSON file, and you want to quickly view the data spatially. Use this simple tool I just published on GitHub: geojson-viewer Just pass your URL as the ‘?url=____’ and you’re good to go! Some examples: Demo 1 – US National Parks Demo 2 – US Nuclear Plants Demo 3 […]


I just released a tool that utilizes Terraformer and Restify to make it easy to convert (and map using GitHub’s GeoJSON maps) the JSON you get from ArcGIS Server Endpoints (like this) into GeoJSON. There’s even a bookmarklet that gives you a 1-click option. Tip: Make sure you set the Out Spatial Reference when doing […]

Share that Data!

GitHub recently released a landing page to help governmental organizations get their data into the GitHub cloud. I am very excited to see more government organizations use GitHub to share, collaborate, and publish our data. Here’s an example of the “open” data that is available in my neck of the woods. Having crime data published […]

14,170 McDonald’s Restaurant Locations

Did you know there are about fourteen thousand McDonald’s stores in the USA? 14,170 in fact, according to a script I cooked up this past weekend. Click here to see the map! I utilized MongoDB, Node.js, and a knowledge of REST APIs to get what I believe to be all the McDonald’s locations in the […]

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