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GitHub CSV Import

Have you ever wanted to import issues from a different system into GitHub? I just released a new tool that will allow you to do that. All you need to do is get your issues into a simple CSV format including title, description, and the tags that you want, and the script will do the […]

Esri Dev Summit 2016

I’m excited to be at the Esri Dev Summit this year. I’ll be giving a few talks – the details and links to the resources for those talks are listed below. Hope to see you there! Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS: Development tools and Techniques – Schedule – Repo/Slides Modern Tools for the Modern Web Developer […]

This Week in Esri GitHub

Esri has opened up a bunch of repositories on GitHub this past week. To summarize: JS API now available on GitHub and Bower: Using Bower for Custom Builds of ArcGIS API for JavaScript Bower helpful instructions Calcite: Introducing Calcite Maps Presentation ArcREST, a set of python tools to assist working with […]

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