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St. Louis Imagery – 1990 to Now

What kind of changes to the built environment happened in your city within the past 25 years? Looking at and comparing aerial imagery can be an informative and compelling way to investigate changes. In St. Louis, many large building developments have happened over the years including: The St. Louis Arena Demolition The building and opening […]

Open Data in University City

I live in University City, MO, which has no crime. Don’t believe me? This map says so: Open Government The benefits of open government data – crime data being just one aspect of that – is well documented. It allows you and I to take the data the process it, innovate on it, be informed […]

Web Maps

Here are a few web maps I’ve created using ArcGIS Online recently. The first one is using imagery from MS DIS – Missouri 1990 (in black and white) compared to 2008 (color): Spring Training Stadium Locations: St. Louis Catholic High Schools:

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