The Perfect Planner

For the past 10+ years, I’ve been using Agenda planners by Premier. They are always high quality, and I love vertical columns, which they offer in a few of their products. Their small agenda is only 5"x8" and used to have vertical columns - it worked very well for me for many years.

This year, however, Premier decided not to make a 5x8 vertical column agenda! I am crushed. Vertical columns are better for tracking schoolwork, assignments, and exams, because work that doesn’t get done can easily be “pushed” to the next day with an -> arrow. Also, the right-hand side of the day column can be used as a check-mark area, so I can easily tell if that day’s task in that particular subject are complete. This is something that horizontal date-block style planners just do not allow.

Why are vertical columns not as popular as horizontal blocks? I really can’t understand how people think the other way is efficient. Has anyone else had problems finding their perfect day/school planner? I now have to find a different company to find my planner - any suggestions?

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