Top 10 Lorem Ipsum Generators on the Internet

Lorem Ipsum text has been used by designers for years to fill in publications, documents, and websites with text before the “final” copy is inserted. Why accept the normal, boring “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod … " though? Here are the top ten places to get different versions of lorem ipsum filler text.

10. Fillerama When you go to the Fillerama page, you are immediately prompted with copy-able filler text from the popular television show Futureama. It offers both HTML and normal versions of the text to copy. If you don’t like the initial version, though, you can change the settings for number of paragraphs, lists, headers, or even choose from a different show (Doctor Who, Dexter, Monty Python, The Simpsons, and Star Wars).

9. Gangsta Lorem Ipsum The Gangsta Lorem Ipsum is simple and dirrty. When you come to the page, your only option is to click the “generate gangsta loremizzle my ippzle dummy text” button. When you do so, six random blocks of gangsta filler text appear. Click the button again to re-randomize.

8. Swearem Ipsum This ipsum generator is on the NSFW side of things. It allows you to create a custom number of paragraphs of latin with swears, all swears, or filmdub (what would be the product of a censored film of all swearing).

7. Hipster Ipsum Hipster Ipsum gives you your desired number of paragraphs of random pretentious and smug hipster speak. Even the ads are labelled “PBR Money.”

6. Samuel L Ipsum

samuel L jackson Although very NSFW, the Samuel L. Ipsum is a great homage to Pulp Fiction, with the text, buttons, and design all in line. You can choose your number of paragraphs, choose your ************* header tag, and then “Generate the *****.” A downvote goes to the fact that an ad for the site gets added to the text that is generated.

5. Vegan Ipsum The Vegan Ipsum provides filler text of vegan vegetables. This page is fast. Also, the text is very random - you will never get the same block of text twice. You are locked into 1-5 paragraphs, but you have options for either English of Linnaean names of veggies.

4. Space Ipsum Space Ipsum is a simple ipsum generator where the only two options are number of paragraphs and if you want to include HTML tags. It will then give you the desired amount of filler text built with a variety of space quotes from the years. “That’s one small step for [a] man; one giant leap for mankind.”

3. Fillerati Fillerati allows you to get public domain filler text from the Project Gutenburg. Source materials include Moby Dick, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and others. There are choices for different HTML tags like p, h1, li, or just plain text, and you can easily choose the number of paragraphs and copy the text in a single click.

2. Cupcake Ipsum Cupcake Ipsum is simple and cute. It has options for number of paragraphs, length of paragraphs, and you can even give your text some ’love.'

1. Bacon Ipsum Bacon Ipsum comes in with the number one spot on the list because of its many features above and beyond a simple lorem ipsum generator. The homepage will give you want you want - random meaty words in the number of paragraphs you decide. You can even decide to “Start with ‘Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet …’.” But this site has so much more. It has an iOS app. It has an Android app. It even has an API for all you developers out there to use this meaty lorem ipsum text in your own applications. It even has a sister site Backonmockup, a place to get filler images of bacon! Check out the “Meatier Lorem Ipsum Generator” today.

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