Top 5 Parking Locations at Lambert St. Louis Airport (Updated 2018)

A few years ago I posted an analysis of the best airport parking providers near Lambert St. Louis Airport. Even though I usually post technology and mapping related posts, this is actually one of the most popular posts on this blog. (Lol!) In the intervening years since that was posted, some of the information has gone stale - most notably the parking prices changed which, it turns out, changes the order of the list!

Super Park Lot D is now the best deal based on price alone. But it is a little farther from the terminal than Sky Park, so in cost per time, it may be closer than you think.

1. Super Park Lot D - $7/day

It’s a bit farther away from the terminal than Sky Park (#2), but at $7/day this is the winner for the true cheapskate. This lot is often close to capacity though, so make sure you check the availability on their website.

Super park front entrance

2. Skypark - $8/day

SkyPark front sign This used to be my #1 pick, but prices went up recently. They also used to send out coupons to their email list, but that ended in 2015. You can still get a solid rate of $8/day here, so it’s still my backup if Super Park Lot D is full, or if time is short (Skypark is 0.5 miles closer to the terminal)

3. EZ Park - $9/day EZ Park Sign, 2018As a neighbor of Skypark, EZ Park is often in direct competition with them. They are the third most expensive, but often have specials (right now they have a coupon for $7/day)

4. Super Park Lot C - $9/day

This has the same price as EZ Park above, but is just a bit farther away from the terminal. This is probably the lowest cost for covered parking if you’re looking for that feature.

5. The Parking Spot East - $10/day

Even from the East (Southwest Airlines) terminal, this is a 3.1 mile trek on the bus. Unless you’re loyal to The Parking Spot, I don’t see why the rates of Super Park Lot E above don’t win out over this option.

The Parking Spot East, St. Louis, MO

Runner Up: The Parking Spot 3 - $13/day

As the closest option (0.8 mi), this is on the list only if you’re running late and need to get to the terminal quickly. They typically have coupons that might get your rate closer to some of the earlier cheaper options.

Map of all the options below:

Parking map of Lambert St. Louis Airport, MO, USA

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