University of Illinois i-Cards Through the Years

Tom Merritt is a tech reporter and host on DTNS - Daily Tech News Show. Tom is also an alumnus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, my alma mater. He recently was showing some old identification cards on a live stream, and one of them was of his old I-Card, the University of Illinois college ID. A far cry from today’s version, seen below.


Tom Merritt’s I-Card, circa 1980s:

Tom Merritt i-Card


My I-Card, 2006:

My I-Card, 2006


In 2010 there was a major design update with a blue/orange background and profile photo moved to the left. The “Illinois Column I logo” and a photo of the Alma Mater statue were added. The “i-Card” logo was rotated moved to the side.

I-Card 2010


This has a similar design as the 2010s, but the Illinois logo is updated to the new block I logo.

Current version of the I-Card (2022)

If you have i-Card photos from other years to add to this history, please let me know.

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