USA Counties

There are 3,142 counties in the United States of America.

County Name Frequencies

The most popular names for counties are past US presidents and founding fathers. 31 states have a “Washington” county, 26 states have a “Jefferson” county, and 24 four states have Franklin, Jackson, and Lincoln counties. Here is the full list:

And here’s an interactive map showing the location of those popular county names:


Most Unique and Most Shared County Names

Here are the counties that have unique names - where there is not a single other county with the same name:


And here are the counties that have duplicates. In other words, the inverse of the above. Click on a county to see the other states with that county:


And here’s a map of the duplicate counties that have only one duplicate - “sister counties” if you will:


County Size

The largest counties are in Alaska. The largest county in the continental US is San Bernadino county in California. The smallest county is Falls Church county in Virginia, just east of Washington DC.


City-County Names

Some counties are named for the largest city within them. Here’s a map of the largest cities in the USA. Green circles indicate that the county shares its name with the city. Zoom in to see the details:


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