Release Your New Web AppBuilder Widget in Four Steps

So you just wrote a great Web AppBuilder widget, and want to release it to the world so everyone can benefit.

Create the Widget

First create your widget, preferably using the generator-esri-appbuilder-js Yeoman Generator. That way your settings will be correct, your manifest.json file will be filled out, and your files will be in a great structure, optimized for GitHub. Speaking of which …

Upload to GitHub

Upload the file structure to a new GitHub repository. Make sure you put your GitHub repository url in your package.json file. Also make sure your file includes helpful information about the widget — a summary, features list, and, of course, a screenshot. (example)

Create a Demo App

In your GitHub repository, create a new folder called demo, do an export from your Web AppBuilder test app, and extract the HTML/CSS/JavaScript files into that folder. Add an additional task to your Gruntfile called “deploy” and have it publish your demo folder to this repository’s gh-pages branch (example). Now you have a demo of your widget if you go to (example)

For bonus, take the url of our demo app and make it the “primary url” of your GitHub repository so it’s easy for people to see your demo:


Share and Publicize

That’s it! Now your widget is destined for fame and fortune. On to the next one!

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