Why I Run Windows 7 in the Windows Classic Theme

The start menu of my computer is fully-opaque gray. My windows are not transparent. The menus do not slide in. My Windows 7 theme is Windows Classic.

Many people are confused by this. They wonder why I don’t opt for a more visually-appealing user experience when Windows can provide one.

I like my computers to be workhorses - no frills. My personal laptop is a ThinkPad, what is traditionally a very boring, workplace computer. I like that it gets the job done and does not necessarily waste resources toward looking good.

I reflect this utilitarian view in my operating system too. I don’t need my OS to be a show of opening and closing applications - I want it to get me to my final destination (my applications) quicker. And if visual effects are turned off I can achieve that goal.

The fact that the Classic Windows theme is more like the old versions of Windows 98 and Windows 2000 - the versions I had grown to know and love when I was younger - is just a positive byproduct of the decision.

windows classic start menu

Long live the Windows Classic theme.

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