Joplin Bulletify

Joplin is note-taking software that I appreciate and use a lot. I use it to take all kinds of notes at home and work.

I have one specific workflow where I copy/paste some lines of text into a Joplin note, and I need to make all the lines (that are not headers) into bulleted lines. The default bullet tool doesn’t work because it makes anything that is highlighted into bullets. So I created a custom Joplin plugin called “Joplin Bulletify”. It’s a very simple plugin - it adds a button to the toolbar. When that button is clicked, the plugin adds a bullet to any line that is not already a header. That’s it.

If you’d like to use it, go to Joplin Options > Plugins and search for Bulletify.

Joplin Bulletify in the Joplin Options

Since this is a modern Joplin plugin, for the plugin to work you must also go into Joplin’s General Options and check on Opt-in to the Editor Beta. In the future once the new Editor becomes the default this extra step will not be required.

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